Monday, 4 August 2014

The third year and many more to come!

Little bit of a soppy post but, over the last 48 hours Dan and I have been celebrating our 3 year anniversary! Long story short, we met at Download festival in 2011 and he's the best thing that ever has happened to me. We've had our ups and downs like every normal couple, and we aren't over the top about our relationship, don't really mention it on Facebook.

We decided to stay in a Travelodge in Cardiff overnight, which we've stayed in before and the staff are absolutely lovely, clean and tidy rooms and good value for money. Its near a lot of bars and restaurants as well as the Hollywood bowl. 

We went to Chiquitos Mexican bar and grill for dinner, had a Passion fruit daiquiri which was sweet but sour iced, served in a tall cocktail glass with a lime wedge. Then I had nachos for a starter, nacho chips, with a cheesey coat served with chillis, jalapeno, salsa, sour cream and guacamole and for a main and a chimichanga, which was a crispy roll stuffed with rice, spicy chicken, black beans and cheese, served with chips and salsa, sour cream and guacamole.  

 It was delicious, I was very impressed with the chimichanga as I'd never had one before!
 What do you guys think of Chiquito's?
I think it's rather scrummy!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Well why not let her go to Morocco? We're going to Marrakech!

Just a short post, today myself, Luna and her boyfriend (sorry Dan you were at work!) went into Thomson after a few weeks trying to decide where we wanted to go on holiday next year. Its the first 'couples' holiday I have ever been on and I think it is going to amazing. We decided to go to Marrakech, Morocco. This place is called 'Medina Gardens' and a complete bargain. It was £571 each all inclusive, double room with a Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was an add-on for an extra £84 so we thought why not! 
Anyway, 1st May can not come soon enough, I can not wait to see the sites in this beautiful place.
Has anyone else been? Tell me about your holiday if you have, I'm going to buy a book and read up on this amazing country.

I have no excuse I need to get all slim and toned for my holiday only 273 days left!