Friday, 1 August 2014

Well why not let her go to Morocco? We're going to Marrakech!

Just a short post, today myself, Luna and her boyfriend (sorry Dan you were at work!) went into Thomson after a few weeks trying to decide where we wanted to go on holiday next year. Its the first 'couples' holiday I have ever been on and I think it is going to amazing. We decided to go to Marrakech, Morocco. This place is called 'Medina Gardens' and a complete bargain. It was £571 each all inclusive, double room with a Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was an add-on for an extra £84 so we thought why not! 
Anyway, 1st May can not come soon enough, I can not wait to see the sites in this beautiful place.
Has anyone else been? Tell me about your holiday if you have, I'm going to buy a book and read up on this amazing country.

I have no excuse I need to get all slim and toned for my holiday only 273 days left!

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