Friday, 25 July 2014

Just, me

I don't have a better photo at the moment. This was taken when I was in Turkey May just gone. 
Check out that sun buuuurn.

Well, here I am, back again. I couldn't quite stay away although I don't think I've posted on here since LAST August. A lot has happened in the last year which caused me to stop blogging. It makes me really sad that I stopped doing something I really enjoyed. I bought an expensive posh camera which I haven't been able to use as well. Anyway, I will stop making excuses. I deleted my past posts and decided to start again, fresh new start. I'd like to thank Jayde; if it wasn't for her starting up her personal blogspot, then I wouldn't of even considered it!

Let me introduce myself (again!). My name is Vicky Rae Townsend, I'm 23, 24 come September! I am a fish monger at Tesco, not sure whether I enjoy it anymore, but the money is fab! I have a boyfriend of nearly 3 years called Dan, and I still live at home because I'm absolutely horrendous with money! I enjoy expensive moneys, clothes shopping, the gym, gigs, music festivals, days out and nights away and buying technology - Dan is the same this is the reason we do not live together. I am a slimming world addict, and I've started going to the gym and its starting to take over my life which I love. I'm not girlie, I'm not a tom boy, I'm just me. This is my online diary, can not wait to share with you my adventures.

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